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My boyfriend ordered 2 about 3 weeks ago. He sued western union for the payment .

I later saw all the awful reviews and told him what I had seen. Needless to say he wrote off the money and the watches. Well they arrived yesterday and are both beautiful! I love it .

It's a very high quality and is spotless of flaws. Here are TWO very happy customers! Despite all the negative press and reviews written , I was always hopeful .

The watches are quality and they informed us of tracking and all shipping details during the process .

I'd purchase from them again!

Reason of review: Good quality.

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You know people ask why buy a fake watch? Well it's because I can't afford a real one, but mainly because I like the design of the watch, and if it's a good replica then I'm going to buy it.


Me too! Amazing customer service! Recommend to all my friends!

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada #949447

I really do not see the point of buying fakes.People that buy them are fake too

to Chris Brooklyn, New York, United States #949459

That's nice Chris. You went to all that trouble to voice your opinion on a web site that sells fakes.

I wonder why and how it is you saw it in the 1st place.

Troll and tool. :o)

New York, New York, United States #899608

As I said, we had no issues at all and got fantastic replicas. We are very happy with their products . Picking out Christmas presents now!

to Me #1239120

"Picking out Christmas presents now!"

Is that code for following shoppers to their house's?

And spare us the drama of indignation. You purchased counterfeit goods are bragging about it and even promoting the sellers.

Do you have any idea what counterfeiting does to companies and the global economy? The suffering of the people who actually make the items? The financial burden of chasing prosecuting and jailing of these criminals? And you're helping.

You can justify it all you want in what's obviously a clueless pinhead sized brain. And the people you're trying to impress they know you're stuff is fake. Also and here's a horribly nice thought that hopefully burrows deep into your brain and wakes you up to counterfeiting. Imagine the the person you love the most is diagnosed with cancer but if they take this medication they'll be good as new but...THEY'RE DEAD!!!!

DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD! Because the cancer fighting medication was counterfeit.

It's happened it'll keep happening but hey no big deal you and your man are king and queen of the trailer park with your semi shiny foolex watches. Sleep tight.

to Anonymous Destin, Florida, United States #1257036

Sounds like a little jealousy here!

Ruskin, Florida, United States #899598

Thanks guys. I had 2 watches in my cart, but after reading your reviews, they will sit just where they are.

It appears that they feel as if we, Americans, are ***. Thanks again for saving me from all the stress because I can't stand much more.

Beverly Hills, California, United States #897854

SO where did you get that fake rolex? Do all the dials work on the watch?

Let me know. I too, want to buy my wife a fake rolex. It must be fake, no one buys a rolex using western union. Rolex purchases buy from the store or a trusted rolex dealer online with a credit card.

LOL@western union though, really? Why such a risk?

to ManWhoBuysWifeFakeRolex Oradell, New Jersey, United States #897865

He bought them from perfect They are both "perfect " and work like charms. We are both thinking about getting another one , there's just so many to choose from!

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