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I ordered a Hublot Big Bang replica - I took the big discount by paying bank transfer - mistake number 1! They denied receiving any payment- I had solid proof from Barclays that the funds had been received into their account.

20 to and fro emails and 3 months later I was going to give up - they had told me that their bank account was now different and I had to deposit into the new account, they told me that the funds never arrived even though a recall attempt from Barclays was responded to by them as 'no we will not return the funds' (which proved that they did have them) Their support responders are in USA and have high staff turnover so you get people who actually believe they are helping you but the back office in CHina are literally screwing you by keeping your money as long as they can without sending a product. They will wear you down in the hope you eventually give up. I didnt give up and to my surprise they actually acknowledged my payment after 3 long months and sent me the watch! The watch arrived with the 12 symbol rolling around inside the face.

They offered to fix it if i sent it back! NO way was I going to do that! I finally found a replica repairer as no legit watch shop was prepared to fix it. Now the good news - the watch is PERFECT - it keeps time perfectly, it looks and feels fantastic and I get a lot of comments on it.

Believe it or not I am tempted to buy from them again! This time it will be by credit card with just enough balance on it to pay for the watch. They will also be warned that if it doesn't arrive within a month I will cancel the order and get a bank refund. Dont fall for the discount for direct payment as I have read many who suffered a similar problem to me.

The discount is not worth the drama. You cant get any legal recourse against this company so "buyer beware"!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "months of arguing about payment received and damaged on arrival" of perfect watches customer care and associated monetary loss in the amount of $80. Perfect Watches needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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